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Mission Statement:

As the official journal of the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies, the WFNS Journal acts as the global voice of the WFNS, publishing the highest quality peer-reviewed neurosurgical advances. The mission of the WFNS is to further the worldwide practice of neurosurgery, advance neurosurgical science, and increase its positive global impact. The journal fulfills this role in accordance and serve as the preeminent global neurosurgical journal for over 130 member societies representing over 40,000 neurosurgeons worldwide.

Core Values:

The WFNS Journal publishes high-quality research with intellectual cross pollination across all continents, fostering a deep commitment to science and scholarship with integrity and professionalism.

Strategic Plan:

The strategic plan for the WFNS Journal includes:

1. The standard resource for global neurosurgery by publishing high-impact papers from a truly global authorship.

2. To be cited and indexed in the relevant databases.

3. To encourage and empower neurosurgeons from low- and middle-income countries.

4. Advancing neurosurgical care by implementing a global platform for the neurosurgical community, while advocating for  diversity and universal access to research in all countries.

5. Creating a great network of continental editors and editorial board members to support submissions and the peer review process.

We are currently looking for continental editors, editorial board members, and reviewers. If you are interested in supporting the journal, please reach out to us at

Reasons to Publish

Web-based manuscript submission
Rigorous peer-review by leading specialists
Rapid online publication
High-quality editorial services
Complete online access to all published articles
Open Access
Global readership
International Editorial Board
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