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Pharmaceutical Substances

Pharmaceutical Substances

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Pharmaceutical Substances – a one-stop source of information relating to the industrial synthesis and commercial applications of every licensed drug of significance. The structure-searchable resource is an ideal tool for researchers, process chemists and for teaching in the field of medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry. 

Each Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient record includes:

  • Chemical structure
  • Graphical representation of synthetic route including intermediates
  • Nomenclature: INN standard, trivial names, synonyms, CAS number ATC codes
  • Medical applications/Therapeutic category
  • Toxicological data
  • Patent number, origin, holder and date of application Commercial information: Vendor and trade names for 6 major world markets
  • Bibliographic information including CASSI codes

Allgemeine Informationen

1. Research

  • Full synthetic route for the industrial manufacture of each drug elucidated from the patent literature
  • Unique source of reactions that perform on an industrial scale
  • Overview of the pharmaceutical industry from a synthetic chemist's perspective
  • Insights into a therapeutic area and chemically related substances  
2. Business Development
  • First determination of the market size & competition for an API - essential for development of new and generic pharmaceuticals
  • Source of markets for synthesis intermediates, ingredients, and enzymes
  • Patent information including approval date and expiration
  • Comprehensive coverage of older APIs and substances approved worldwide
  • Merger and acquisition tracking ensuring that vendor information is up-to-date in a rapidly changing industry  

3. Teaching
  • Capability to search for marketed drugs relating to a structure or reaction
  • A rapid overview of a therapeutic area or chemically related substances
  • Industrial synthetic routes discerned from complex patent descriptions 
  • Insights into industrial processes and toxicity issues
  • Commercial information such as trade names and vendors/manufacturers for six world markets
  • Concise records ideal for hand-outs and quick reference  

Licensing Options

  • Pharmaceutical Substances is a structure and reaction searchable resource accessible via the Internet
  • Available on an annual subscription basis and priced according to the number of potential users with access to the product
  • License provides campus- or site-wide access to give unlimited availability 24/7

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