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Planta Medica is one of the leading international journals in the research area of natural products of any origin – from characterized multi-compound mixtures to defined natural products. Planta Medica accepts original research papers and reviews with a strong emphasis on originality and scientific quality.

The following areas of research are covered:

  • Experimental, preclinical and clinical pharmacology as well as toxicology
  • Biological activities, chemical ecology, chemical biology of natural products
  • Natural product chemistry and analytical studies
  • Medicinal plant research
  • Drug discovery in silico approaches in natural product research

The journal explicitly encourages the submission of chemically characterized extracts.

For more information such as Author Instructions or Editorial Board, click here.

Reasons to Publish

Fast and friendly peer review
Option for accepted manuscripts to be published online within hours 
High-quality editorial services 
Complete online access to all published articles 
Open Access publishing available (CC BY-NC-ND and CC BY license) 
Global readership 
Listing in major indexing and abstracting services 
International editorial board 
Chance to win the “Most Innovative Paper of the Year” award 
Rigorous peer-review by leading specialists 
Stable impact factor
Very high rejection rate and with a focus on high quality submissions
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